Friday, September 7, 2018

Counting Down........

         In only 6 more days we will be in the midst of music music music.  Are you ready for it?  We're trying our best to get ready.  Tents going up today, ice delivered, campers arriving today and phone calls galore.  Cleaning out the refrigerator that has been in the barn all year is not one of the highlights of the festival but it is a job that must be done along with washing out the barn. Yes, this is the glamorous life of the festival promoter.

         The pigeons were not amused by the raising of the tents this morning.  But they did put on a little show of their own flying in formation between the silos and the pond numerous times. 
         And then there are the PR trips that Joe has gone on this week with our friend, Jimbo Whaley who will be performing here next week.  Thanks to our friends at Buddy's bar-b-q Sevierville, our PR net has been spread out much wider than usual with appearances scheduled at several media outlets.
           Please note that tickets will be available at the gate. And if you have already ordered tickets, you will pick your wristbands up at the gate upon arrival.
          Now....................I have a little public service announcement (PSA) for you.  For those of you new to the festival experience, I need to let you know that attending a show of this type is just like going to a movie theater or any other show where it is not polite or appreciated if you talk to your friends during the least above a whisper, that is.   Several times throughout the weekend I will be approached by people who are disturbed by the rudeness of folks talking too loud or too much while the entertainers are performing.  Now, I want everyone to be able to hear and have a great time so try to keep the urge to carry on a conversation to a minimum.  You can wait until the breaks, in between songs, or just get up and go outside to visit with your friends.  It's okay to visit but not if you are disturbing everyone within earshot of your conversation.
          Oh, and while we're at it.......................this is a BIG issue at festivals........................moving chairs/seats.  When you arrive, you will be placing your seat where you wish to sit and you can feel free to leave it there for the entire weekend.  Usually, this is fine.  But once in a while someone - we'll call them a seat bully - will decide they want to sit where your chair is so they will move it over.  This is a no-no!    Don't move anyone else's seat.  If it isn't yours, leave it alone.   If you seat gets moved and you can't quietly resolve the situation go to the security officer if you aren't comfortable with the situation.    We will be making announcements concerning these issues from the stage to make sure the audience is aware.
        As of today, 9/7 at 2pm we have 2 campsites available for a camper in the 30-32' size range.  If you need one, give me a call 865-397-7942.
I am closing out today with a past performance by The Gibson Brothers.

Sunday, August 5, 2018

The Fifth Season

Welcome to Festival Season
At Dumplin Valley Farm

Yes, it's that time of year again when everyone is trying to squeeze in the last of summer vacation, the kids are heading back to school and some of you may be packing up the camper for one last hurrah before Fall officially arrives.  But just prior to the arrival of Fall is a little extra season around here............Festival Season!
We are getting ready to welcome our bluegrass family back to the farm for some picking and grinning for the 19th year in a row.  Wow! Has it really been that long?  Well, I guess it has. 
 Since starting this festival we've learned a lot about bluegrass that we never knew.  And I've got to say that the best part has been the people we've met over the years.  We couldn't do it without you all.  Please know that you are appreciated very much.   We really do look forward to having you all descend on our farm and we miss you when you leave.  You know that feeling on Christmas morning after you have opened your presents and chowed down with your family & friends?  You know the feeling...............that empty one............well, that's what it's like on Monday morning when everyone is gone.   But it's all worth it.
This year we have lined up a stellar show for your enjoyment  There are some of your favorite bands that you have seen here before.  And there are a few "new to Dumplin" bands that are sure to entertain you, too.  

I hope you enjoy these videos.  I'll be posting more as the time draws near for the festival.

And, by the way, those of you who want to camp this year will need to call and put your name on a waitlist at this point as we filled up a year in advance.  But there are always cancellations and you could possibly get one.  You can reach us at 865-397-7942.  

The lineup for Thursday, 9/13 includes:
Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out
Brad Hudson
Jimbo Whaley & Greenbrier
Donna Ulisse
Paul Williams & The Victory Trio
Friday 9/14
Rhonda Vincent & The Rage
Larry Cordle and Lonesome Standard Time
Billy Droze & Kentucky Blue
Big Country Bluegrass 

Saturday, 9/15
Lonesome River Band
The Malpass Brothers
The Po' Ramblin Boys
Deeper Shade of Blue
ClayBank Bluegrass

We want to take this opportunity to welcome a new sponsor this year. If you're in Sevierville, stop by Buddy's and show them some appreciation for supporting bluegrass.
Until next time.......Keep Calm & Pick On! 

Monday, May 2, 2016

Spring Has Sprung

Ah, yes, "Spring has Sprung" here in East Tennessee.  The wildlife is out and about, flowers bloom and the trees are throwing their pollen into our atmosphere as they do every year at this time.  It all combines to make for some very beautiful scenery as we witnessed this weekend during our summit meeting in the mountains.  

As you can see, there was a lot of business conducted on the porch.  I mean, what better place to discuss business??   

Strategy is very important whenever planning a festival.  Sometimes it even calls for a more visual approach in order to get the issues lined up.

It was a good weekend with good friends in an inspirational setting.   We feel blessed to have good friends and to live in such a beautiful part of this great country.   Bluegrass brought some of us together but the friendships keep us together. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Wow! I can't believe I've done it again. All the good intentions I've had to keep up this blog have just vanished. Hopefully, you will forgive and I will do better. Actually, it is often hard to find something to write about. Don't know why that is as I don't have much trouble having something to say when you guys call me on the phone. Maybe my issue is just not being disciplined enough to sit down and create something you would even be remotely interested in. But I will try. If you haven't seen the lineup for September, here it is. We will be putting the daily schedule together in a couple of weeks and you will have showtimes then. I hope you will be as excited as we are about the bands this year. THURSDAY'S lineup features the Gibson Brothers, Trinity River Band, Larry Cordle & Lonesome Standard Time, Jimbo Whaley & Greenbrier and a new band - Mark Kuykendall, Bobby Hicks & Asheville Bluegrass. FRIDAY will offer up a big day of music with Rhonda Vincent & The Rage, Flatt Lonesome, Sideline, Steve Gulley & New Pinnacle and Chris Henry & Hardcore Grass. SATURDAY will be an exciting mix of bands featuring John Cowan with Darin & Brooke Aldridge, The Seldom Scene, Breaking Grass, Becky Buller and The Grascals. I hope this will whet your appetite for good music. So, make your plans to join us now. Give us a call (865-397-7942) for camping info. Currently the campground is full but we have started a waiting list and we are usually able to place everyone as there are always a few folks who find that they need to cancel due to various circumstances. We look forward to hearing from you with whatever questions you might have. Now onto other business. Here are a few photos of a few happenings since last September............

We attended the Palatka festival this year and saw a lot of our Dumplin Valley friends.
Got just enough snow this year.
Ran into Ted and Irene Lehmann at Palatka. Always good to see them.
In the off season we use the barn for important things like riding your bike when it's too wet outside.
While the destruction of the pool was going on Joe decided to get rid of some boulders.
After many years of enjoying it and 3 years of not using it, we decided enough was enough and filled in the pool. The grandkids will be getting a playground instead and we will gain some nice outdoor space for Papa & Grammy to use.
No pot of gold to be found anywhere!
I think this speaks for itself.
The annual Easter egg hunt was well attended.
We hid about 750 eggs.
Farmer Joe took the kids around the farm/campground after all the eggs were collected. Well............almost all the eggs were found.  Joe "found" a couple when he mowed.
It was a really good day for the hunt.  These 3 found a great spot to watch all the action.
Farmer Joe's best buddy loves that tractor.
Sophie (black dog) & Rufus (Lab) enjoying the weather.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Post-Festival Update

If you missed the 15th Annual Dumplin Valley Bluegrass Festival, you missed a weekend of perfect weather, great bands and a gathering of festival attendees who seemed to have a blast.  The week leading up to the event was quite busy with the arrival (on the 13th) of our grandson, campers arriving, jamming and also Joe's birthday.  We really enjoyed getting to visit with our early arrivals.  There is a window of time between the first arrival and the start of the festivities when we are able to visit with our festival friends and do a little jamming, etc.  To us, that is the best time of the festival.  After the event starts, we're usually preoccupied with business and can't enjoy visiting with everyone until the day after it all ends.
This year the crowd was great as was the music.  Maybe some of you saw the awesome Balsam Range shows.  They were the 2014 winners of the IBMA's award for Entertainer of the Year and also the Vocal Group of the Year.  Lead singer, Buddy Melton, took home the award for Male Vocalist of the Year, too.  BR has been with us for several years since they first started touring.  We are happy to say that many of the bands who are recognized each year for excellence in their field have performed for you right here on our stage.  
I'm going to post a few photos from our festival here as well as a few from our recent trip to IBMA.  We made the last minute decision to attend IBMA in Raleigh this year right after our festival.    There are photos on our facebook page,Dumplin Valley Bluegrass Festival, too.  However, the Facebook App has been corrupted on my computer so I can't access it right now.  In the meantime, I will post news here until I can resolve that issue.
Thanks so much to all of you who came to enjoy and support our event.

Here's Ted Lehmann most likely making notes for his blog and YouTube channel.
On Wednesday night we put the Potluck Band in the spotlight for a little pre-festival entertainment. These guys have been jamming in the campground every year.  2014 was their year to have a little light to shine on their talent.
Dumplin Valley received some great attention from our local NBC affiliate, WBIR.  We really appreciate their coverage & PR to spread the word about the great bluegrass experience to be had right here.
In spite of severe health issues this past year, the great storyteller, James King, put on a fine performance.   He is much loved by bluegrassers everywhere.

Joe got to sing with Rhonda Vincent and The Rage.  Rhonda has become a fixture here at Dumplin Valley and this year even had a group of her "Ragers" holding a reunion here.  Let's clear something up here.  Rhonda is the Queen of Bluegrass.  But around here, it is I who is the Queen of Dumplin Valley!!
What a great Friday night crowd.  Our son, Wes, was climbing up the little silo to remove his camera which had been recording the crowd coming in and out of the barn.  That video, as well as one showing festival prep, can be seen over on our Dumplin Valley Bluegrass Festival Facebook page.

LRB (Lonesome River Band) has closed the show on Saturday night for a few years now.  At least this year they weren't upstaged by the skunk who visited them about 3 years ago.  Thankfully, he didn't spray anyone.  He only wanted to eat someone's popcorn on the floor :)

Balsam Range at IBMA Awards
The Earls of Leicester at IBMA
The crowd at the street festival in Raleigh at IBMA.
Joe is holding a memento from Stage B (a popular campsite here and at other festivals) to show their representation at IBMA.
Here's Sir Walter Raleigh.
IBMA gathering of banjo pickers
Along the Blue Ridge Parkway..............we jumped off I-40 on the way home and found a gentler more picturesque route home from IBMA.
This photo was made from the porch at the Moses Cone house on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  One of my favorite views of all time.  Any time of year is a good time to sit on that porch and take in the vista of the area around Blowing Rock, NC.
Standing on top of the parking garage in Raleigh, we noticed LRB's bus parked below.  I think it looks better in our driveway!

Bluegrass makes everyone want to dance!

Take a look at our Facebook Page to see the time lapse videos of the tents going up and the crowd making a dash for that supper time break.