Wednesday, September 12, 2012

2012 Festival Week..........It's Here!

It's that time of year again when music lovers of the bluegrass variety come together on the farm to celebrate, visit, attend shows maybe even participate in the numerous spontaneous jams. Although the bands won't be here until tomorrow, there are already many people here enjoying the laid back atmosphere leading up to the big events this weekend. Tonight is the kick-off potluck dinner which is always well attended by the campers already on site who will pick their favorite foods from the tables laden with the cuisine of their fellow bluegrassers. It's always a good time to meet and greet and spend a little time getting to know others who are here for the weekend. With the exception of the beans and cornbread provided by the hosts, the "menu" will be full of surprises.
We always love to hear from the folks who come from far and wide. Just how do they find us here in little ole Kodak which is often left off maps. Ah, but where there is a will there is a way and in this day and age it is usually via the internet. This year we have sold tickets to people traveling from Switzerland, UK, Netherlands, California, Texas and many states outside of the Southeast. I think we can safely say that bluegrass is a universal music appealing to a broad variety of people.
Many of our festivarians play instruments, some sing and some just play the radio. But they all have that one bluegrass thread in common. They all come together from their homes with their own particular taste in this music to create a living bluegrass quilt. We love getting to know them and enjoy having them visit our little part of the world.
The lineup is a great one with a few bands here for the first time in September. You are sure to find something you like on stage and hopefully something you like in the vendor row.
Some of our food vendors have been with us for several years. Try the brisket if you're looking for a great taste. A lady from Texas was so taken by it that she commented that it was the best she'd had since being home. And we all know how serious the Texans take their bar-b-que. Oh, the kettlecorn............yum! This year we have a big ice cream truck to satisfy your need for that sweet tooth. And there are also brats, etc. There are also vendors offering a fair range of items to purchase if you so desire. And one lady will be here to offer a chair massage for your tired neck and shoulders. You can try out our photo booth if you want to create your own souvenir photo.
The weatherman has issued a great forecast for the upcoming weekend so make plans to join us. We've got you covered with shade and protection from the elements with a covered performance area. So, plan on coming rain or shine.
Come on out and join us, your friends and your favorite bands for a great weekend. And for those of you who just have to watch football on Saturday, keep in mind that there are tons of folks out here in campers with TV's so you won't be left out.
We hope to see you soon here in Kodak.