Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

What a beautiful day here in East Tennessee. It was frosty this morning but has warmed up and turned out to be a lovely day for all those Easter Egg hunters. We saw a few of them on our way to church. Although our egg hunting days have been over for quite a few years, I still think it's a fun tradition. And speaking of the Easter are some photos of Easter Past. Julie's Easter photo was taken in '87 (the year we moved to the farm) and Wes' "See My Egg!" photo was taken in 1980. The other 2 photos were taken today after brunch at a new restaurant nearby, New Orleans on the River........mmmmm mmmmm good! One picture is Wes and Iris. The other is Joe and me.
Happy Easter, everyone! He Is Risen!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring or Not?

The weather here has been beautiful for a few days. We almost hit 80 today but there is an ugly rumor that we will be in the 40's tomorrow and the next day. There's even talk of snow flurries. I hope it doesn't hurt the beautiful blooms on our tree out back. Here are a few pictures we took outside today. Sophie sure enjoyed it.