Friday, September 7, 2018

Counting Down........

         In only 6 more days we will be in the midst of music music music.  Are you ready for it?  We're trying our best to get ready.  Tents going up today, ice delivered, campers arriving today and phone calls galore.  Cleaning out the refrigerator that has been in the barn all year is not one of the highlights of the festival but it is a job that must be done along with washing out the barn. Yes, this is the glamorous life of the festival promoter.

         The pigeons were not amused by the raising of the tents this morning.  But they did put on a little show of their own flying in formation between the silos and the pond numerous times. 
         And then there are the PR trips that Joe has gone on this week with our friend, Jimbo Whaley who will be performing here next week.  Thanks to our friends at Buddy's bar-b-q Sevierville, our PR net has been spread out much wider than usual with appearances scheduled at several media outlets.
           Please note that tickets will be available at the gate. And if you have already ordered tickets, you will pick your wristbands up at the gate upon arrival.
          Now....................I have a little public service announcement (PSA) for you.  For those of you new to the festival experience, I need to let you know that attending a show of this type is just like going to a movie theater or any other show where it is not polite or appreciated if you talk to your friends during the least above a whisper, that is.   Several times throughout the weekend I will be approached by people who are disturbed by the rudeness of folks talking too loud or too much while the entertainers are performing.  Now, I want everyone to be able to hear and have a great time so try to keep the urge to carry on a conversation to a minimum.  You can wait until the breaks, in between songs, or just get up and go outside to visit with your friends.  It's okay to visit but not if you are disturbing everyone within earshot of your conversation.
          Oh, and while we're at it.......................this is a BIG issue at festivals........................moving chairs/seats.  When you arrive, you will be placing your seat where you wish to sit and you can feel free to leave it there for the entire weekend.  Usually, this is fine.  But once in a while someone - we'll call them a seat bully - will decide they want to sit where your chair is so they will move it over.  This is a no-no!    Don't move anyone else's seat.  If it isn't yours, leave it alone.   If you seat gets moved and you can't quietly resolve the situation go to the security officer if you aren't comfortable with the situation.    We will be making announcements concerning these issues from the stage to make sure the audience is aware.
        As of today, 9/7 at 2pm we have 2 campsites available for a camper in the 30-32' size range.  If you need one, give me a call 865-397-7942.
I am closing out today with a past performance by The Gibson Brothers.