Friday, March 14, 2008


Well, we are really getting close to having the new JuneFest brochures. I think we will have them in about a week or so. If you would like to help us scatter them around, just drop me a line ( and we will be more than happy to send you some. Since we are running a little behind on getting the flyers out this year, we're going to need a good "street team" to help get the word out about our exciting new event. Joe and I try to attend as many events as time and money and work will allow but we can't get to all of them. So..............if you're going to be attending any bluegrass events and would like to take a few flyers, let us know. I do want to acknowledge those of you who are spreading the word already........Bob & Barbara in their Bluegrass Express! The sound crew helps out a lot as well as Jean and Roger and many others. THANKS!
I know I've said it before, but we are excited and anxious to present our lineup for your enjoyment. There are old favorites and new bands, too. All of them are great.
On a serious note.............we just found out this week that the mother of the lady (Barb) who sells our t-shirts, answers the phone, gives info, etc. is terminally ill with cancer. Their family could certainly use some prayers at this time. Barb's husband, Gene is probably one of the first people you see when you arrive as he works the gate with the crew. We've been able to depend on them every year to help out so let's keep them in our thoughts and prayers.
One other thing I would like to mention.............Jimbo Whaley is having his cd release on 3/29 in Gatlinburg. You can find more information at
Oh..........and one "other" other thing........don't forget to VOTE. I know you all are reading this blog as some of you have told me you've seen it. But it looks like you are a little hesitant to leave comments or vote. I promise, it won't hurt a thing if you leave a comment or vote! ha

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