Saturday, April 12, 2008

Good Day for a Project

It's a gorgeous day today-blue sky, breezy, cool................just the kind of day to start a new project. As you can see, Joe is leveling up some campsites. Since we have been open full time, he thought this was the time to invest resources of extra time toward this end. And in doing so, those of you who are only here during the festival will benefit from it, too.
The travelers who have found us have been pleased with the facilities and most of them have never even been on a farm, much less slept out in a field. But our last overnighter was a retired dairy farmer who really enjoyed sitting outside his motorhome and contemplated how a dairy farm turned into a bluegrass festival/campground! We've met some really nice folks, many of whom have returned after that first visit.
This beautiful weather is only a fleeting moment in time as we are expecting a cold Sunday tomorrow and a little snow on Monday! Hard to take it in April. We're ready for some warm weather and flowers. The redbud trees are lovely now. Too bad their blooms are only temporary.
We hope you have a good weekend!

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