Monday, May 26, 2008

Graduation Season

Is it just me or do all these "kids" graduating make you feel old, too? This is the biggest year for us since our own children graduated. Let's see, there's Samantha M., Samantha I., Anna G., Nicole M., Zack S, Ethan S. plus a few more. A couple of them haven't lived here in a long time so when I realized they were graduating, it was a shock as I still picture them the way they were when they moved away................little and cute. Now they are grown and gorgeous. How did they all grow up and change while I'm still the same?? ha Hmmmmm.....maybe I should take a closer look into the mirror. And even though Sami has always lived nearby, gone on nearly every vacation with us and we've watched her mature, it's still somewhat of a shock to realize that she, too, is "entering the real world". The world certainly has changed since I was facing graduation. But some things are still the same - after the ceremony there will be new adventures, new people to meet and choices to make. I know these "kids" will do fine making their mark on the world. It's going to be good to sit back and see what they will do to make us all proud. Good Luck to All the Graduates of 2008!

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