Monday, August 3, 2009

Bluegrass Monday

Well, today is another "Bluegrass Monday". Haven't figured it out yet, but it seems that Monday is the busiest day of the week for bluegrass calls and inquiries. I think everyone gets a little dose of bluegrassin' over the weekend and that reminds them to check in with me re: bluegrass biz. It's got to be a good time for dreading Monday's when you get to talk about one of our favorite subjects off and on all day. We're just glad that people remember us and want to talk about bluegrass festivals coming up. So........keep those calls and e-mails coming! AND if you haven't made your reservations or bought your advance tickets yet..............WELL....IT'S TIME TO GET R DONE! The deadline for the advance tickets and also to get your camping $$ in is coming up soon...August 15.

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B & B said...

No doubt about it. Anybody that was there certainly could see what a big help Seth was. He will certainly be missed in September.