Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dogwood Time in East TN

Today was the perfect day for checking out some of the various Dogwood Trails close by. I took my mother for a ride on the North Hills trail as well as a portion of the Fountain City trail in Knoxville where the Dogwood Arts Festival is in full swing. Of course, anyone who lives or visits here during the Spring can tell you that you don't have to hit those trails to see beautiful dogwoods. There are flowering trees, shrub, and beautiful gardens in bloom everywhere.
We hear much about the fall colors and happily contend with the traffic of out-of-towners lining up to view the results of the strokes of God's paintbrush upon the hills of our region. But I have to say that there are oodles of colors to enjoy here as well in the Spring. And I do believe that the color palette is much more varied this time of year. Colors are showing up in flower beds, yards, woods, Easter frocks and even the feathers of the many varieties of birds showing up in our yards. And if you are lucky, you will see beautiful tiny colorful eggs in the many nests that are plentiful in the Spring. I have posted photos from the North Hills trail here.

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