Saturday, January 14, 2012


After having spent the biggest part of this day cleaning out a closet, I'm inspired to post a few random photos rather than actually blogging. Interesting......the things you find in your grown children's closets. It was a walk down memory lane from elementary school through grad school and all points in between plus a wedding. Found lots of photos I had forgotten about including one of Joe which I think she fetch me a bunch of favors from him for not posting it on facebook. ha ha I also know now what happened to the old Nintendo system purchased eons ago. I wonder how many of you still have old cassettes and 45's laying around on a dusty old shelf somewhere. I found a few that actually belonged to me as a that's really old! Hopefully, they will not warp before our grandbaby can enjoy them. And if you are, they are not bluegrass related. We didn't get into that until Wes was in college in the late 90's. Too bad we didn't discover it earlier and start a collection of those vinyl recordings. And if we had they surely would have found their way into a closet, too. Cleaning out closets are quite a chore but also an experience that will open a window into the past if there is much more than clothing in there. The closet we cleared out today had gone from clothing to a depository of books, toys, memorabilia, etc. due to the moving in and out of home, apts., dorms, etc. so it held quite a variety. Almost done. Now we're on to another project. Posting random photos again. Enjoy............

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