Sunday, January 5, 2014

Keeping Your Noggin Warm

As we await the approaching frigid weather tonight I find myself thinking about a discussion we had recently about the name of the head covering depicted in this photo.  The somewhat reluctant "model" calls it a toboggan as I do. 

But I have encountered rude salespeople who looked at me as if I had 3 heads (which would make their job even more challenging to find a "toboggan" to fit me) when I asked where to find them in their store.   So, it occurred to me that perhaps this is one of those regional words that is used in our neck of the woods.  What do you call it if not a toboggan?   I know that a toboggan is also a wooden sled with a curved front.  But how did this word make the transition to a hat?  And where can I go shopping for one without being stared or sneered at when asking for one.   I asked for one in a ski shop in Denver and the clerk thought I was nuts (that's debatable).  Perhaps my accent might have been her clue that I wasn't from around there and maybe spoke a different language. 
I suppose the recent discussion we had with some friends on this topic reminded me of some of those words/phrases we use here in East Tennessee that folks in other regions don't use in the same fashion.  I had not given the matter much thought since the night of the "big debate" until I was watching the news & weather a couple of nights ago and heard the meteorologist say "toboggan" when referring to covering her head.  And then tonight at supper (or is it dinner at your house)  I overheard a lady saying that there were no "buggies" at the grocery store due to the impending snowstorm.  So that made me think about the buggy vs. cart thing. Oh, well....................
Anyway, we would love to hear your version of this debate..............what do you call it and where are you from?   If you can't figure out how to leave a comment here, leave it on our facebook page.
Thanks a bunch!
Oh, my! There's only a little over an hour left until the season 4 premier of Downton Abbey.  This has been the longest wait for a new episode since somebody shot J.R.    That's the reason we ate early tonight.  I wasn't going to take a chance on missing it.  Joe just laughed at me as he doesn't watch it and will most likely be in bed by the time it comes on.   Don't know what it is about that show but I'm addicted to it. I resisted watching it but found myself channel-surfing one evening and was hooked when I actually stopped long enough to watch it.   Not sure if it is the magnificent cinematography,the beautiful scenery, the storyline, the outstanding attention to detail in the costumes or all of the above, but it is quite a program and I am anxious to get on with this season's story.  Nice way to start the new year on a cold night.     Think I'll run and put another log on the fire and await one of PBS' best shows ever!        m

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Unknown said...

I've experienced both the toboggan debate and the buggy/cart. How about the "eye" of the stove vs the "burner". Ha!!