Wednesday, March 24, 2010

iPod Swaps

Yesterday on my way home from Denver I was seated next to a very nice young lady from Johannesburg, South Africa. Noticing that she was using the earphones for her iPod, I decided to see if she might be interested in passing the time on our flight by swapping iPods. We already had our earphones out and hooked up to the in flight tv's.
I find it interesting to see what other people are listening to.....especially someone from another country. So, she was all for it except for the fact that she couldn't reach her iPod. You see............a lady had fainted in the aisle next to our row and my seatmate couldn't get up to get her iPod from the overhead bin. But I had a book to read and was more than happy to let her listen to mine. I asked her if she liked bluegrass (even though my iPod has all kinds of music on it) and she said "What?" so I repeated it and then she informed me that she didn't know what bluegrass was. It only took me a minute to explain it a little and then I handed over my iPod and I can only assume that she was really enjoying it because she was dancing in her seat and looked very happy. At one point she handed me the earphones and said "what is this instrument?". It was a banjo! I glanced over and she was scrolling through a bunch of songs and really was enjoying herself. Hopefully, we now have a new bluegrass convert in South Africa. Since she comes to the states quite often, maybe she will visit us here.
Unfortunately, I didn't get her name and I couldn't reach my flyers for the same reason she couldn't reach her iPod. She was really impressed with Rhonda Vincent when she landed on her music. It was fun to see her discover a new genre of music and enjoy it. Think I'll try that again on my next long flight.m

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JOSEPH said...

I wish I was seated next to you on a long flight and we switched Ipod's. You would love to hear the interesting music that comes out of my Ipod. Mostly music of the Appalachia but some from other countries as well. I enjoy most music but not rap. I am looking forward to Junefest and my visit to East Tennessee. See ya' real soon!!!