Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Is Spring Around The Corner?

Well...............after a couple of beautiful days here in Kodak, we are keeping our fingers crossed that Spring is on it's way. However, it is still March after all and that means that we could have plenty more snow and cold weather. But let's hope that isn't the case this year.
We finally got the website updated last night. I know that a lot of you have been watching to see when we were going to accomplish that. Thanks for your patience. There are still a few items to add to it such as a photo gallery and then the daily schedule for September.
Several of you have been calling to make your reservations and make arrangements for getting tickets. Thanks for letting us hear from you. We enjoy hearing from you and look forward to having you all here in 2010.
Did any of you make it down to see The Ledbetters with Earl Scruggs, Paul Brewster and Lizzy Long last week? I think a lot of you must have been there at Wild Wings as the place was packed. It was a great show. I especially enjoyed hearing Paul sing Kentucky Waltz. And it was a treat to watch Earl do Foggy Mtn. Breakdown. The Ledbetters do regular shows there. Check out their website or facebook page for dates and times.

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