Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Well, today was a very productive day for festival prep. Thanks to my dear friends, Barney and Thelma Lou (aka Bobby & Barbara) we got ALL the new t-shirts folded and sorted, camper packets filled, advance tickets sorted and camper reservations all coordinated with the map. whew! That was quite a job but sharing the duties made it much easier. Thanks so much for your help, B & B!
There's still a lot to do but those are the jobs that seem to take so much time and are so hard to do by myself. I'm just so relieved to be this far along with preparations to date. Now I'll have more time to do things such as ponder what to be called when our grandbaby arrives! Anybody have any good suggestions? The obvious names.....Nannie, Mamaw, etc. have already been taken. I'd better come up with something soon.
As we were going over all the reservation forms we noticed that there are still some of you that have not sent in your balance due even though the deadline has passed. If you find yourself in that category please take time to call and let us know your intentions as there are folks on our waiting list who would like to camp with us this year.
Some of the bands and individual performers who will be here this year were just today nominated for IBMA awards. We want to congratulate those people and wish them luck. We won't be attending the IBMA event this year as we will instead be celebrating the arrival of our grandbaby. So I will take this opportunity to officially say "Congratulations" to all the nominees.
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