Saturday, August 13, 2011


Last year we used the receipts turned in by our festivarians to give us a perspective on the economical impact our event has on our community. It was very interesting to see where all you guys shop, eat, spend the night, etc. while visiting here for the festival. The winner of the 2011 weekend passes lives in Rutledge, TN and was happy to win them.
We have decided to collect receipts again this year. So here are the guidelines: save your receipt from any purchase you make during your stay here in Sevier County (not just the 3 days of the festival.....if you come in early, save those receipts, too); write your name and phone # on the back; drop your receipt in the "birdcage" provided for the receipts. After the festival is over, we will draw out one of those receipts and the person whose name is on it will receive a pair of weekend passes for the 13th Annual Dumplin Valley Bluegrass Festival in 2012.
Don't worry about your credit card number as only the last four digits (if any at all) are printed on receipts for credit card purchases.
This is an excellent tool for us to show our sponsors just how much $$$ is actually spent at their establishments.
We appreciate each and every one of our bluegrass friends who attend our event and this will help us make your visit even better.
REMINDER: Don't forget the deadline to have all your camping/advance ticket money turned in............August 15. Judging by the number of phonecalls this weekend, many of you are aware of it already and many of you have already settled up. But there are some who need to give us a call soon as the people on the waiting list for a campsite are anxious to find out if they will be able to get a spot.
Thanks and hope to see you soon. m

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