Friday, February 17, 2012

Although it looks and feels a little like spring outside, it's still February and I heard the word "snow" in our forecast for Sunday. Having just returned from Colorado, I've seen about all the snow I want to see this season. It's beautiful but when it gets piled up in parking lots it starts looking a little dingy and not so pretty anymore. I know you guys from up North know about that kind of snow. We are lucky that our snow usually falls softly, makes a lovely blanket on the ground and then melts away rather quickly without leaving too much mess behind.
There are lots of folks in town this weekend for the holiday (President's Day) so if you are traveling and get in a "jam" just tune in to your favorite bluegrass station or pop in a favorite cd to help you ease along to your destination.
The Knoxville House & Garden Show is this weekend. Why not check it out? It should get you in the mood for spring.
I'll be announcing our 2012 lineup soon. It should be on the website soon, too. We hope you will be as excited as we are with this year's selection of bands. Have a great weekend! m

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