Sunday, February 12, 2012

Who knew spoiling grandbabies could be so much work? Whew! It's been a great week+ so far. Too bad it's been so cold here which has prevented me from getting Eliza out in the stroller. Don't get the wrong idea...............we did manage to go to one of the myriad of malls around here for a little S & S (strolling & shopping..ha). It snowed quite a bit down in the Denver area the night before I got here and it snowed a couple of times since then. That's fine with me since we haven't had much "winter" weather at home. It's been a low key trip this time around. I did make a trip out to pick up some stuff one night and Julie and I went to a movie at a theater where you can order and eat your dinner in a comfy seat while watching the movie. I must lead a sheltered life as I had not experienced that before. Loved it. The food was actually good and so was the movie. Looked like a popular place as the parking lot was full. Saw one car parked up on one of the many mounds of snow piled up in the lot. We're just not used to seeing that much snow at home. I guys way up above that Mason-Dixon line are well acquainted with that.
While I've been away, Joe's been slaving away giving the kitchen a new look. Can't wait to see it. He had to send me away to get out of harms way..........the dreaded paint fumes! ha Well, I didn't need an excuse to come see my little E.
To all of you who told me how wonderful being a grandparent is, I say, you weren't just whistling Dixie! I've really loved seeing that beautiful little smile when she wakes up from a long night's sleep or even just a little catnap.
On a different note - it won't be long until our camp out and jam weekend in May (18-19). We had such a good time last year. I hope we have a "yard full" of pickers this year. As they say...........the more, the merrier.
I know I've said it before, but I really do have someone working on updating the website. Hopefully, she'll get it done soon. Sept. dates are 13-15. Hope to see you soon. m

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