Thursday, September 18, 2008

Festival Time In Tennessee!

Well, it looks like we're ready for bluegrass!
We've got campers galore on the farm, had our potluck
supper tonight, been pickin' and grinnin' and even did
a little hair cuttin'. Yep, you can come to Dumplin
Valley and let your hair down OR you can come and
get your ears lowered..........your choice!
The weather is absolutely great. It actually feels
like Fall. We are anticipating a wonderful weekend
that began with a scrumptious meal tonight and will
continue in the morning with some guests from Northview
Middle School, Jones Cove Middle School and New Center
Middle School.
Excitement is in the air in Dumplin Valley! Come out and
see for yourself. If you live close by and have never
ventured out our way, now is the time to see for yourself
how great a bluegrass festival can be. With all the great
bands lined up and the beautiful weather, you are sure to
enjoy yourself. You might even make a few new friends....
this bluegrass crowd is full of friendly folks.
See you soon!

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